A place for people of faith and no-faith to explore shared values, build respect and mutually inspiring relationships, and pursue common action for the common good

Spiritual Life Council

The Spiritual Life Council facilitates interfaith dialogue, development, and action within the Elmhurst College community. The Spiritual Life Council fosters an environment of respect and cooperation among members of faith and no faith traditions throughout the college. These goals are achieved through affirming unique identities and finding common ground through service, dialogue and education. This organization works to uphold these principles on behalf of the college community including students, staff, faculty, and administrators. Spiritual Life Council will form and maintain external mutual relationships with organizations whose goals are in line with this mission.

We meet weekly at 5:00 p.m. in the Blume Board Room (across from the Info Desk in the Frick Center

Contact SLC at slc@net.elmhurst.edu

Board of Directors:

Sarah Zalisko, SLC Director of Social Events; Major: Biology & Psychology, '12

[No Picture]

Sarah Safdar, SLC Director of Service and Action; Major:  Biology

Kathryn Englesdorfer, SLC Director of Community and Campus Outreach; Major: Spanish & Secondary Education, '12


Omari Davis, SLC Director of Public Relations

Rachel Harley, SLC Secretary; Major: Elementary Education & English, '13

Afiya Ahmed, SLCVice President; Major: Biology, '12


Rae Nelson, SLC President; Major: Political-Religious Justice Studies, '12


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