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Better Together Bash and Benefit!

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What IF Speak in: a picture is worth 1000 words

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(Image: words “food” and “comfort” intersecting at the letter “O” to form a cross)


When I was cleaning after the What IF…? Speak in, last night, I found the above picture doodled on some of the butcher paper that covered the tables. I wish I could speak to the artist; I don’t know if he or she was intentional about the creation of a cross or if they were just playing Scrabble, but I choose to interpret it as a symbol of the artist’s faith.  This picture says more than I can about the speak in, it shows what we are working toward- people of faiths and traditions contributing to the common good of our global community by building a world in which both the hungry find comfort and are fed and through the relationships we build through this service we can feel comfortable to ask tough questions of our faith and of our community.