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Safe Space Guidelines

In Uncategorized on September 23, 2010 at 8:08 pm

This blog may explore faith and values in a context you may not be fully comfortable with and from a perspective that may not share your beliefs and ways of life. Because of this, I must set out some guidelines so that all may feel this is a place where they can state our beliefs and work with our values.

-I can only write from my perspective, guest posters can only write from their own, you can only write from yours; if you do not understand something someone is saying, please feel free to ask a constructive question.
-Everyone who sees and voices their opinion on this website has a right to do so.
-When writing, please use statements that speak for only yourself, not a group or for others (use “I” statements).
-Suspend your judgement in this conversation and take time to consider what others have said before you respond, even(especially) if you disagree.
-Respect the importance of other writers faith, philosophical, or moral tradition in his/her/zir own life.
-Don’t expect others to know everything about your own tradition- be open to answering questions.
-No question is stupid.

These guidelines are also posted in the “Safe Guidelines” page of this blog.

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