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Better Together

In Better Together, What If...? on September 22, 2010 at 8:12 pm

Hi, I’m Rae.

I just returned from the Interfaith Youth Core Fellows fall training. Thus begins not only a year of hard work around interfaith activism for me, but a world movement for religious pluralism.

In a world that paints religion as a negative force, young people must come together for the common good as people from different religious backgrounds  to demonstrate that our community is better when we work together for mutual understanding and respect. In the coming year, youth on 20 campuses around the United States, from Boston to LA, are organizing our campuses to work for social justice. We will be asking “What IF?”

What IF we band together around sharedvalues and decided to take action to improve the world we live in?

This blog will be chronically the  journey of the movement for religious pluralism as seen from Elmhurst College, a small Liberal Arts college of the United Church of Christ in Elmhurst Il. Welcome!

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